Buyer Tips for Purchasing Property in Sedona

Palan Group Team

Sedona Realtor, Phil TatumPhil Tatum, Sedona Realtor® and his team have a wealth of experience of both the Verde Valley Area and of course real estate and are on hand to help and guide you every step of the way.

Hire a local, experienced, REALTOR® - They are the experts with the most current knowledge of the marketplace. They are an invaluable resource to ensure that you find your perfect home, locating homes that match your criteria and eliminating those that do not.

Know the neighborhood - Location is an important component of property value. Proximity to important amenities is a key consideration. Most of Sedona was built "one custom home at a time" and consistency can vary significantly from street to street.

Understand the property - Boundary lines, view corridors, property setbacks, applicable restrictions, and governing associations can all affect your use of the property.

Find the right house - Varied designs and methods of construction, orientation, specific amenities and appointments, quality of craftsmanship, energy efficiency and the condition of the residence are all important factors to consider.

Nuts and Bolts - It is critical to fully understand your financing availability, options and requirements, tax incentives, implications and consequences, availability, expense and diversity of various utilities and systems.

Does it fit? - Environment and climate, community services, medical facilities, employment, schools, recreational opportunities, local entertainment, arts and culture should be investigated.

What about tomorrow? - How will future development, changes in the neighborhood, upcoming changes to ordinances and regulations, private and/or municipal projects, economic and real estate trends affect your new home?

Managing the process - From the moment you arrive until move-in date, a myriad of investigations, negotiations, disclosures, inspections, repairs, research, document preparation, compliance, transferring of services, filings, and recordings must all be completed. A qualified REALTOR ® will guide you through this process.

Rely on a professional - Hiring a qualified, experienced REALTOR ® who listens to you, provides the highest quality service and keeps you informed throughout the process, will help make your real estate experience a success.